Posted on November 23, 2014

Revising Undefinedness

see, I did that, that was me, I was wreckless and I was wild, and I fucking did it.

it was a strange set of coincidences that led me to search for the LaTeX source code of my master’s thesis. written between late 2005 and October 2006, I think this was the work I have done of which I am most proud. not so much of the academic importance of the thesis but more of the work process, of having had a huge fucking problem to solve, of which I knew close to nothing, and having solved it in a year of work.

I attacked this problem with little formal mathematical and logic programming training, apart from some post-graduation classes and loads of curiosity. I did not know how to approach a formal proof, or what a lemma is. at the same time I was teaching in two portuguese universities and trying to start a company with some friends.

looking back, I cannot really say if I was brave or stupid in taking this challenge. the end result was certainly good - 17 out of 20 and a great feeling of pride.